Why It's Time To Earn Your Alternate Income And How?

Why It's Time To Earn Your Alternate Income And How?

Akhila Masapogu



No matter how hard you hustle there is always a gap between how you’ve imagined your life and reality. This persists to be a common feeling in all working individuals earning insufficient income. That one expensive trip you wanted to take, or a dream car you wanted to buy or a luxury house you wanted to live in, are just a few situations out of million other, that would need an alternate income.

Having an alternate source of income which once was just the smart move of rich people, has now become a necessity of every individual to sustain in this uncertain world. Depending on one job population for making a living is considered a huge risk in these times of unemployment and overpopulation. Having at least one additional source of income will impact your finances greatly and will be a great relief from the stress of paying bills from one paycheck. For a peaceful after retirement life or just to have a back up in this highly uncertain life, the second source of income will be a savior.

Reasons one should have an alternate income

Unemployment- With exploding population and recession on its way employment is always at the edge of a knife. No job is ever safe and this fact makes it inevitable that everybody needs an alternate source of income to tackle the difficult times.

Raising cost of living- If there’s one that shooting higher than rockets, it is cost of living every year. Even though the prices of daily necessities increase on a daily basis income of the people won’t. So, having a secondary source of income will help you sustain inflation.

Diversifying income sources- Never depend on one income source, this will only cause mental burden and financial crisis. Paying all the bills from one single paycheck can be a little too risky for anyone. Having multiple income sources will help you to build a sound financial portfolio.

Fulfilling personal objectives- Alternate source income is a great way for someone to meet their objectives involving finance. Having a backup source of income will help you in reaching your goals faster.

Safe retirement- The major concern of anyone retiring is financial security. When you have a second source of income it will help you in building a solid corpus for a happy after retirement.

Ways to earn an alternate income

Real estate

Real estate is an age-old investment vehicle that proved to be one of the best income sources. Real estate is the most reliable source that generates stable income and produces high returns in the long term.

Real estate offers diverse investment options, like rental properties, commercial properties, REITs, private equity funds.

Rental properties generate a regular passive income and barely involves any effort.

Commercial real estate is slightly riskier, but in the long term provides high returns and high capital appreciation.

REITs are another source of secondary income, which allows one to buy shares. REITs lease out their spaces and collect rents on the properties, then distributes that income as dividends to their company shareholders.

Private equity funds are an online crowdfunding platform option where the investors directly invest in a private company. Investment in this company is backed up by physical real estate properties. Private equity funds are the new source of secondary income that is growing at a faster pace You can also invest in multiple real estate sources at the same time to diversify your income sources portfolio. Assetmonk offers high growth potential assets that produce regular income as well.


Bonds are debt instruments used for raising capital and are a source of alternate income. Based on the bond term and the interest rate per annum the investor generated fixed income every year or twice a year. Just like other investment vehicles, investment in debenture bonds is also dependent on market interest rates. Bonds are of different types of Municipal bonds, Public bonds, Private bonds, Tax-free bonds, and zero bonds, based on the benefits they offer. Investment in bonds helps in generating a stable income along with capital appreciation.

Dividend investment

Dividend investment is one of the steadiest sources of passive income, generating high returns. Dividend investment involves purchasing the stocks in a Well-established company that gives out dividends. These companies pay out dividends at regular intervals to their shareholders to show their loyalty to their shareholders. This passive income generated in the form of dividends over a long period will help you build a sound financial portfolio. Dividend income follows the strategy of compound gains, where earnings during the long term grow enormously.

Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a financial vehicle that pools money collected from numerous investors who have a common objective of earning income. This money pooled is invested in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets and are managed by professional money managers, to produce income for the fund's investors. If the fund is invested in bonds, you earn income through interest, if the fund is invested in real estate, you’ll earn from rents or property appreciation. Mutual funds though are little risky serve as a good source of alternate income when considered for the long term. Mutual funds are organized for nearly every type of investing objective.

Earning extra income from an alternate source will greatly change your life. Your alternative sources of income can at least help lessen the risk of losing your job or any other unexpected expenses. There are plenty of important reasons for creating an alternate income stream like, to decrease the financial risk of having to depend only on one main source of income. Even though not possible in a month or so, the little amount alternate income you earn every month can really helpful in beefing up your savings in the long run.